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Features and Variants of Office Sofa

New Capital Office has different types of elegant sofa sets for offices. Some of them include L-shaped office sofa, corner sofa, sectional sofa, leather sofa, and wooden sofa. L-shaped sofas are best for using the corners of the office. You can easily facilitate the corners of your office.

Sectional sofa helps to increase the space at your workplace. Why not use the corners of your office? Beautify them with corner sofas. You can also install them if your office has less area.

The leather sofa has an unmatched perfect classic look. The durability of a leather sofa is unmatched. The wooden sofa is the best to match with your office theme if you are planning to give your office that ageless look. Reception is the best area to install your wooden or leather sofa so that it can give an unmatched impression. The employees, clients, and outsiders first reach the reception.

Easy Maintenance of Sofa

  • Keep your sofa neat and clean. Wipe off the dirt with a damp cotton cloth. A shiny place looks great with shiny furniture.
  • Keep your sofa away from direct sunlight.
  • Don’t use detergent to clean your furniture.
  • Don’t spill hot and cold on your furniture.
  • Keep your sofa away from sharp objects.
  • Oil them regularly to keep that shiny look.

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